“Angelina” is a story about a girl who is fighting an internal battle of desiring love, but afraid to get hurt, so she keeps everyone at an arms length; while her love interest keeps running after her. A story that, in essence, was a chapter of my life.


Minus “Hard Luck Man” and “Feeling Alright”, the EP was written after my move to Nashville, but while I was back in Ohio for a month in the middle of January. Although unintentional, the EP ended up having a common theme, centered around my lifestyle and the troubles that are accompanied with that. Being away, staying up and out late, lost love, pursuit of love, self-medication and everything in between. Breaking it down, it’s extremely autobiographical, but that’s just how I tend to write anyways.



Justin Allen featured in Canton Arts District, Pursuit of A Dream, From Canton to Nashville:

EP White Oak & Kerosene Reviews: (Huffington Post) (For Folk’s Sake) (West Coast Rocker)


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HARD LUCK MAN : I wrote “Hard Luck Man” as a reflection of my general lifestyle. Lyrically, however, it’s set up as a conversation with both myself and the outside world.

COME A LITTLE CLOSER : “Come A Little Closer” is about a girl I was dating and we fell in love, but, she kept her walls up and would often flip-flop with her thoughts and feelings. And, consequently, my surrender, basically saying, “I’m here if you want me, but I don’t have anything left to give”.