“Angelina” is a story about a girl who is fighting an internal battle of desiring love, but afraid to get hurt, so she keeps everyone at an arms length; while her love interest keeps running after her. A story that, in essence, was a chapter of my life.


Minus “Hard Luck Man” and “Feeling Alright”, the EP was written after my move to Nashville, but while I was back in Ohio for a month in the middle of January. Although unintentional, the EP ended up having a common theme, centered around my lifestyle and the troubles that are accompanied with that. Being away, staying up and out late, lost love, pursuit of love, self-medication and everything in between. Breaking it down, it’s extremely autobiographical, but that’s just how I tend to write anyways.



Justin Allen featured in Canton Arts District, Pursuit of A Dream, From Canton to Nashville:

EP White Oak & Kerosene Reviews: (Huffington Post) (For Folk’s Sake) (West Coast Rocker)


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  • Justin Allen forms his backing band, the Well Shots, and sign with independent music company BluZealot Entertainment, Inc.


HARD LUCK MAN : I wrote “Hard Luck Man” as a reflection of my general lifestyle. Lyrically, however, it’s set up as a conversation with both myself and the outside world.

COME A LITTLE CLOSER : “Come A Little Closer” is about a girl I was dating and we fell in love, but, she kept her walls up and would often flip-flop with her thoughts and feelings. And, consequently, my surrender, basically saying, “I’m here if you want me, but I don’t have anything left to give”.

FEELING ALRIGHT : There’s just something about being at a bar and watching Rock ‘N’ Roll bands that has always made me forget about the outside world and throw caution to the wind. I think that’s just imbedded in the souls of people who choose this lifestyle and that’s exactly what this reflects.



Since the age of 13, Justin has been writing songs, playing in bars and fronting his own bands. In the spring of 2015, Justin left Ohio and moved to Nashville with the sole purpose of assembling a professional band. Living out of his car Justin found work as a Pedicab driver, where, coincidentally, he met each member of his backing band; the Well Shots. Together they capture the biting honesty, self-reflection and unrestrained approach Justin has to life and to his music. After 9 months of countless rehearsals, recording sessions, a music-video and the release of their debut EP “White Oak & Kerosene” and their lead single “Angelina”, Justin Allen and the Well Shots are poised to stake their claim in Roots & Roll.


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